Youth and other Science Fiction Stories

“Youth and Other Science Fiction Stories” — This book is an anthology of 14 speculative fiction short stories totaling nearly 300 pages. Read descriptions of the individual stories:

“Youth,” describes alien intervention with humans over the last 6,000 years and turns Ayers Rock into a spaceship.

“Doggerel from the Drunkard’s Walk,” was written as a Feghoot for the magazine Fantasy and Science Fiction. The term refers to a joke story that turns on or concludes with a pun.

“They Work Harder” — An intergalactic adventure story which includes alien sex.

“Never Love a Man Again” — Artificial intelligence can fall in love too.

“Artificial Music Appreciation” — Noisy neighbors and how to shut them up.

“Security Clearance” — When the dream is over, where do we awake?

“The Exiled Elf” — Santa gets angry. Elf gets even.

“Bar’s a Funny Place” — This story does for alcohol what steroids do for athletes.

“The Philanthropist” — Just how much stuff can you give away?

“The Toxic Cops” — A cautionary tale for our times.

“Twenty Years Ago Today” — Let the pool games begin!

“Weeds” — Having an alien point of view is important here.

“Purple Prose” — The mind is a terrible thing — when controlled by others.

“Doggerel from the Drunkard’s Walk” — Punishing tale of extra sensory perception.

“Real Time Clock” — Bio-eugenics taken to a whole new level.

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