The Benevolent Takeover

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That Sunday dawned unspectacularly normal.

Early morning photo of the Taqueria El Taco Loco and the 3300 Club on Mission St, in San Francisco.

The sun rose, the clouds passed and all seemed right with the world.

Photo of a cloudy day on a hill in San Francisco

The arrival of the alien device went almost without notice.

Photo of the Sutro Tower towering over homes

Photo of Sutro Tower and houses

Then the animals began to howl.

Photo of a dog howling on Misison St, in San Francisco

Their sensitive hearing was abused by a sound which caused them to shout their outrage.

It went almost unheard by humans because it was outside their narrow frequency range.

Photo of a woman coming out a store

Those few who sensed without reason the low decibel tone ran.

They could not go far enough.

Not for some years was the result obvious. It was discovered to be a selective mammalian birth control which affected only one species: H. sapiens.

Dwindling numbers found themselves childless. They took shelter in conformity.

It was all over in less than a hundred years.

Photo of the sea horizon

Download the PDF copy of The Benevolent Takeover

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