Author Biography

Photo of Harry W. Moss taken at Sutro
Photo: Lynne Holyoke

H. W. Moss was born in Riverside, CA, August 4, 1947, darn near one of the first Baby Boomers. He graduated Long Beach State, B. A. English Literature, 1970. M. B. A. San Francisco State University, 1988. He successfully avoided marriage and the military.

Moss is a San Francisco author of fiction and journalism who has contributed articles to numerous publications including The San Francisco Examiner, The L.A. Times, The Boston Globe, The Chicago Sun Times, Thrasher, Emmy, The San Luis Obispo New Times and a host of others.


Help Wanted

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The kix are in the pics. See the cartoons on this website for examples.
I need someone who can interpret my cut lines. My brother Steve and I formed a compact when we were quite young. I would write and he would draw. Although I can’t draw flies, Steve was brilliant as both an artist and a writer.
I write short descriptions which I think are amusing. These need a talented hand to create an image describing the situation. We will work together to sell these when completed. If and when rejected the cartoon will appear on this website.

Internet Coder to Convert Written Work to Electronic Formats
All my work is digital. That does not mean it is ready to be published. There are many electronic formats including but not limited to Epub, mobi for Amazon Kindle, hard or soft cover paper formats to make books available from CreateSpace as Print On Demand (POD).
I need someone who can convert Word files into these popular formats.
They should be able to work with publishers of those formats to add to an existing account or create a new one.
I do not believe we will need the Digital Rights Management (DRM) format, but I can be persuaded to change.
There are currently six completed unpublished novels and at least one more in some stage of birth.
The proper candidate should present a price per piece which may be negotiated.
Note: I currently have about 40 unassigned ISBNs. The respondent must know what that means and be able to work with Bowker.

Attorney to Create a Virtual Trust that Will Live in Perpetuity
In order to understand this need please read “Real Time Clock” available on this website. Make a proposal through the email address above.

Six titles, one opera and “55 Fiction — Winners of the 55 Fiction Contest 2005 to 2018” may be discussed.

Agents May Inquire
I will restrain myself from saying Fuck You.

Social Media Maven
Job entails knowledge of all contemporary social media where a product may be touted for purchase. Successful candidate will have an opportunity to share the income derived. Books in various forms are the only product. They are on the FSB website.

Writer giving free short stories to readers in order to induce readers to buy writer’s novels and autographed copy of original comic book.