24 Second Interview with Hunter S. Thompson

Animation by Chris Tokunaga
Interview by H. W. Moss

The occasion was a book party at the Mitchell Brothers O’Farrell Theatre, at the time a porn theatre in San Francisco. It was May, 1985, and I was working for the San Francisco Review of Books. At that same...

The Injuries to Tim Dale

by H. W. Moss

“The Injuries to Tim Dale” is a short story derived from a real incident of my childhood. The film was sponsored by businesses from each area where it was entered in ten film festivals across...

Ant: The Movie

by H. W. Moss

The Ant is a San Francisco personality who has performed stand-up. Ranny Viquez caught one such performance on video and with Ant’s cooperation we worked it into this semi-documentary. The resulting short film was entered...

Bingo Contest

by H. W. Moss

My novel “Talk Show Host” is based on true events that are only slightly exaggerated. On Friday nights at six we had this church style bingo contest on Cable Channel 8 in Pacifica, CA.

The show aired for perhaps...