The First Fifty — Essays by H. W. Moss Ruminations and Internal Mutterings

1. Alice in India

2. How Sybil Got Here

3. The Great Internet Publishing Lie

4. Mister Gasket

5. The Argument and Complaint — an ISBN essay

6. All He Did Was Open His Car Door

7. Acronyms

8. What Alias Do You Use?

9. Names Can Be Amusing

10. Soup Run

11. The Benefits of Space Exploration

12. In Search of Dave Eggers

13. Excess Body Parts

14. Breast Cancer Therapy May Cause Cavities

15. The Cartoon Shootout

16. Voting Habits

17. Energy, Water, Carbon and Conserving

18. That’s a Good Question — I’m Sorry You Asked

19. Humbling Humanity

20. I Have so Much, You Have so Little: WHY?

21. I Love to Sneeze

22. It Never Occurred to Me

23. The Bee Hunt

24. Car Thief Not the Brightest Bulb

25. Learning a New Language Without a Formal School

26. Left Handed and Proud

27. Nobody Likes a Smartass

28. A Most Dangerous Game

29. Take Advantage of Your Credit Cards

30. Real Estate’s Dirty Secret

31. Seeds in Your Cupboard

32. Editors Are Not a Writer’s Best Friend

33. The Animal in My House

34. The Kilowatt

35. Wear a Cast, Get a Story

36. Wrong Word Use

37. Wyatt Earp’s Tombstone

38. Words I had to Look Up

39. Cartilage Replacement Theory

40. All and Everything

41. It’s a Doggie Doggie World

42. Mortgage Flim-Flam

43. Be Careful What You Pose For

44. Hallowe’en in Hawai‘i

45. Raindrops Are Round

46. Japan

47. Singapore

48. The Everglades

49. Cheeses and Meats and Driving in Ireland 2015 Oh Boy