Ant: The Movie

by H. W. Moss

The Ant is a San Francisco personality who has performed stand-up. Ranny Viquez caught one such performance on video and with Ant’s cooperation we worked it into this semi-documentary. The resulting short film was entered in ten film festivals across the country and rejected by all.

Some have said they find the film amusing. Most do not. Here are three responses the last of which is my personal favorite.

Frank Zamacona, filmmaker, wrote, “I just watched Ant. I didn’t care for it.”

Jim Shasky, former TV and film director, wrote, “Ant is a weird exercise to say the least. Your technical work is not up to snuff.”

Barry Spatz who calls himself “a shrink for over 50 years,” said, “This guy Ant is a piece of shit. He may be cool with you, but he is an asshole, not a freak, good thing, to the rest of the world. I would shave off his puny pony tails in a heart beat and I am not a redneck. I had hair to my waist when I fought the draft board, this is BORING SHIT. Sorry, this is far from a movie. It is DRECK to the max. I wish I had my minute back spent watching this absolute CRAP. Now can you handle feedback? Barry”